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Material Specification (Specification) JIS G4305 SUS304
Testing Specification (Specification) JIS Z 8741-1997
Test Item (Test Item) Gloss
Temperature/Humidity (Temperature/Humidity) 12 52 J@ 40 80 H RH
Test Equipment (Test Equipment) Mirror-TRI-Gloss (60 X incidence)
Test Results (Test results) 600 650 GU ( Gloss Unit)
Compared with (As compared with) Mirror 400 500

Hand polished steel plat 450 600GU
Thickness (Thickness) 0.05mm 3.0mm
Width (Width) 300mm 600mm
Application (Usage) Mirror surface exterior appearances, e.g. casing or metal buttons for consumer electronics; building exterior; product exterior with mirror finishin.

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